Michael Gibbs Discography

by Esa Onttonen
Last updated: September 20, 2018


alto flute
alto sax
baritone sax
bass clarinet
bass trombone
English horn
French horn
pic fl
piccolo flute
pic tp
piccolo trumpet
soprano sax
tenor sax

Albums as leader/co-leader

  1. Michael Gibbs (1970, Deram)
  2. Tanglewood 63 (1971, Deram)
  3. Just Ahead (1972, Polydor)
  4. In The Public Interest (1974, Polydor)
  5. Seven Songs For Quartet And Chamber Orchestra (1974, ECM)
  6. The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra (1975, Bronze)
  7. Big Music (1988, Virgin/Venture)
  8. By The Way (1993, ah um)
  9. Europeana (1995, ACT)
  10. Nonsequence (2001, Provocateur)
  11. Here's A Song For You (2011, Fuzzy Moon)
  12. Back In The Days (2012, Cuneiform)
  13. Mike Gibbs + Twelve Play Gil Evans (2013, Whirlwind)
  14. Play A Bill Frisell Set List (2015, Cuneiform)
  15. In My View (2015, Cuneiform)
  16. Symphony Hall, Birmingham 1991 (2018, Dusk Fire)
  17. Festival 69 (2018, Turtle)


  1. Housekeeping (1987, Varese Sarabande)
  2. Iron & Silk (1991, Mute)
  3. Hard-Boiled (1993, Mute)
  4. Being Human (1993, Varese Sarabande)
  5. Century / Close My Eyes (1994, Mute)
  6. The Greeks - Crucible Of Civilization (2000, Arachne Music)

See also complete film music.

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See also

Berklee School of Music, Boston

Jazz In The Classroom Volume IV
Berklee BLP4
Everett Longstreth, Ed Armour, Paul Kelly, Gerald Lamy, Alan Ware, Jack Weaver (tp); Keith Davy, Michael Gibbs, Jack Wertheimer (tb); Dick Wright (btb, tp, arr-1); John Cieslak (as, arr-2); Dick Johnson (as, cl); Ted Casher, Barry Ulman (ts); Bob Seastrom (bars); Gary McFarland (vib, arr-3); Bob Clear or Dan Skea (p); Gabor Szabo (g, arr-4); Tony Teixeira (b, arr-5); Butch Axsmith or Harry Brown (d); Don French -6, Dick Loven -7 (arr); Herb Pomeroy (dir)

January 1967
Jackson Studios, London

The Graham Collier Septet
Deep Dark Blue Centre
Deram DML 1005
Disconforme DISC 1957CD
Graham Collier (b); Kenny Wheeler (tp on 2,5,6), Harold Beckett (tp on 1,3,4); Mike Gibbs (tb); Dave Aaron (as, fl); Karl Jenkins (bars, ob); Philip Lee (g); John Marshall (d)


John Dankworth and his orchestra
The $1,000,000 Collection
Fontana TL 5445
(P) 2011 Vocalion 2CDSML 8480
Michael Gibbs (tb) etc.

March 1968

Ken Wheeler And The John Dankworth Orchestra
Windmill Tilter - The Story of Don Quijote
(P) 1969 Fontana STL 5494
(P) 2010 BGO Records BGOCD944
Kenny Wheeler (arr, flgh); Henry Shaw, Les Condon, Derek Watkins, Henry Lowther (tp); John Dankworth (as); Tony Roberts (bcl, ts); Ray Swinfield (fl, as, bars); Tony Coe (cl, ts); Michael Gibbs, Chris Pyne (tb); Alf Reece, Dick Hart (tba); Alan Branscombe, Bobby Cornford (p); John McLaughlin (g); Dave Holland (b); John Spooner (d); Tristan Fry (cga, vib)

The remaining tracks on the album (Sweet Dulcinea Blue and Propheticape) are played by a quintet comprising Wheeler, Coe, McLaughlin, Holland and Spouner.

September 17 & 18, 1968

The New Jazz Orchestra
Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe
(P) 1969 Verve SVLP 9236
(P) 2014 Dusk Fire DUSKCD110
Neil Ardley (cond); Derek Watkins, Henry Lowther, Harold Beckett (tp); Ian Carr (tp, flgh); John Mumford, Michael Gibbs, Derek Wadsworth, Tony Russell (tb); Georger Smith (tuba); Barbara Thompson (fl, ss, as); Dave Gelly (ts, bcl); Jim Philip (ts, fl, cl); Dick Heckstall-Smith (ts, ss); Frank Ricotti (vib, mar); Jack Bruce (b); Jon Hiseman (d)


The New World
Trumpet A Go-Go
Saga FID 2114
Phil Parker, Stu Hamer (tp); Mike Gibbs (tb); Graham Stansfield (org); David Moses (b, arr); Chick Webb (d)

March 31 & April 1 & 10, 1969

Mike Westbrook
Marching Song Volume 1 & Volume 2
Deram SML 1047/1048 (vinyl), Deram (CD)
Greg Bowen, Tony Fisher, Henry Lowther (tp); Dave Holdsworth (tp, flgh); Malcolm Griffiths, Michael Gibbs, Paul Rutherford, Eddie Harvey (tb); Martin Fry (tuba); John Surman (ss, bars); Bernie Living (fl, pic fl, as); Mike Osborne (cl, as); John Warren (fl, as, bars); Alan Skidmore (fl, ts); Brian Smith (ts); Mike Westbrook (p, arr); Harry Miller, Chris Lawrence (b); Alan Jackson, John Marshall (d)

Volume 1 (Deram SML 1047):

Same as above, Ronnie Hughes (tp) replaces Tony Fisher (tp)

Volume 2 (Deram SML 1048):

September 11, 1969

Stan Tracey
Seven Ages Of Man
Columbia SCX 6413
Derek Watkins, Tony Fisher, Hank Shaw, Greg Bowen (tp); Keith Christie, Chris Pyne, Mike Gibbs (tb); Frank Ricotti (cl, vib); Peter King (as); Dennis Walton (ts); Tony Coe (cl, ts); Alan Skidmore (ts); Ronnie Ross (bars); Stan Tracey (p, arr); Dave Green (b); Bryan Spring (d)
  1. All The World's A Stage
  2. Overture And Beginners
  3. Matinee Days
  4. Enter Romeo
  5. Principal Centre Stage
  6. Wisdom In The Wings
  7. Panto Panta
  8. Kindly Leave The Stage

October 12, 1969

Neil Ardley
The Greek Variations
Columbia SCX 6414
Neil Ardley (cond); Ian Carr (tp,flgh); Don Rendell (ts, ss, afl); Barbara Thompson (fl, as, ss): Karl Jenkins (ob, engh, ss, bars); Michael Gibbs (tb); Frank Ricotti (vib, mar, perc); Jeff Clyne (b); Jack Bruce (b, bass guitar); John Marshall (d); Jack Rothstein, Kelly Isaacs (violin); Kenneth Essex (viola); Charles Tunnell, Amaryllis Flemming (cello)

November 20, 1969 / Whitla Hall, Belfast
February 1969 / Lancaster University

Michael Gibbs with the Gary Burton Quartet
Festival 69
(C) 2018 Turtle TURBXM 503

CD 1-2 (Festival 69): Gary Burton (vib); Dave Pritchard (g); Steve Swallow (b); Bill Goodwin (d); Chris Pyne, Mike Gibbs (tb); Kenny Wheeler, Trevor Barber (tp); Alan Skidmore, Ray Warleigh, Tony Roberts (sax); Chris Spedding (g). /// Tracks CD1:1-9 and CD2:7 feature Gary Burton Quartet only.

CD 3 (Lancaster 69): John Surman (ss); Mike Osborne (as); Alan Skidmore (ts); Henry Lowther, Rodney Teal (tp, flgh); Chris Pyne, Mike Gibbs (tb); Dick Hart (tuba); Frank Ricotti (vib); Mike Pyne (p); Phillip Lee (g); Jack Bruce (b); John Marshall (d)

September & December 1969

Michael Gibbs
Michael Gibbs
Michael Gibbs
(P) 1970 Deram SML 1063
(P) 1999 Deram 844 907-2
(P) 2004 Vocalion CDLK4253 (2xCD with Tanglewood 63)
John Wilbraham (pic tp); Derek Watkins, Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, Nigel Carter, Ian Hamer, Maurice Miller (tp, flgh); Alan Civil, Valerie Smith, Nicolas Busch, Jim Buck Jnr. (frh); Cliff Hardie, Chris Pyne, Bobby Lambe, David Horler (tb); Ray Premru, Ken Goldy, Maurice Gee (btb); John Surman, Alan Skidmore, Ray Warleigh, Tony Roberts, Mike Osborne, Duncan Lamont, Barbara Thompson (reeds); Dick Hart, Martin Fry (tuba); Chris Spedding (ac b, el b); Ray Russell (g); Jack Bruce, Brian Odges (el b); John Marshall, Tony Oxley (d); Frank Ricotti (perc); Fred Alexander, Alan Ford (cello); Mick Pyne, Bob Cornford (p, org, celeste); Michael Gibbs (cond, comp, arr)
  1. Family Joy, Oh Boy!
  2. Some Echoes, Some Shadows
  3. Liturgy
  4. Feelings And Things
  5. Sweet Rain
  6. Nowhere
  7. Throb
  8. And On The Third Day
  9. (session out-takes on CD only)


Bill Fay
Bill Fay
(P) 1970 Deram Nova SDN 12
(P) 1998 See For Miles SEE CD499
(P) 2005 Eclectic Discs
Bill Fay (voc, p); George Bird (b); John Marshall, Trevor Taylor (d); Richard Mills (ac g); Ray Russell (el g); Michael Gibbs (musical director); Peter Eden (prod)
  1. Garden Song
  2. The Sun Is Bored
  3. We Want You To Stay
  4. Narrow Way
  5. We Have Laid Here
  6. Sing Us One Of Your Songs May
  7. Gentle Willie
  8. Methane River
  9. The Room
  10. Goodnight Stan
  11. Cannons Plain
  12. Be Not So Fearful
  13. Down To The Bridge

The See For Miles CD reissue of "Bill Fay" also contains Fay's second album for Deram, "Time Of The Last Persecution".


David Lindup And The Big Band
When The Saints Go
Aristocrat AR 1021
Stan Roderick, Kenny Wheeler, Eddie Blair), Greg Bowen, Derek Watkins (tp); Maurice Pratt, Mike Gibbs, Chris Smith, Bill Geldard (tb); Dick Hart (tuba); Ray Swinfield, Duncan Lamont, Don Honeywell, Roy Willox, Dougie Robinson (sax, fl); Andrew McGavin, Barry Castle, Jim Buck Jnr, Mo Miller (horn); Alan Parker, Dick Abel (g); Laurie Holloway (p); Arthur Watts (elb); Ken Napper (b); Barry Morgan, Doug Wright (dr); Terence Emery (perc); David Snell (harp)

Maximum Sound Studios, London

Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Volume 2
(P) 1970 Vertigo 6360012
(P) 1999 Mann 002
Manfred Mann (org); Mike Hugg (voc, p); Steve York (b); Bernie Living (as); Craig Collinge (d); Dave Brooks (ts); Clive Stevens (ss, ts); Senny Corbet (tp); David Coxhill (bars); Brian Hugg (ac g, backing voc); Derek Wadsworth, Michael Gibbs (additional brass arrangements)
  1. Lady Ace
  2. I Ain't Laughing
  3. Poor Sad Sue
  4. Jump Before You Think
  5. It's Good To Be Alive
  6. Happy Being Me
  7. Virginia

The CD reissue of contains three bonus tracks.

November 10 & 12, December 2 & 23, 1970
Morgan Studios, London

Tanglewood 63
Michael Gibbs
Tanglewood 63
(P) 1971 Deram SML 1087
(P) 1999 Deram 844 906-2
(P) 2004 Vocalion CDLK4253 (2xCD twofer with Michael Gibbs)
(P) 2005 Universal UCCM-9198 (Japan)
Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, Harry Becket, Nigel Carter (tp, flgh); Chris Pyne, David Horler, Malcolm Griffiths (tb); Dick Hart, Alfie Reece (tuba); Tony Roberts, John Surman, Alan Skidmore, Stan Sulzmann, Brian Smith (saxes, woodwind); John Marshall, Clive Thacker (d, perc); Frank Ricotti (vib, perc); Chris Spedding (g); Roy Babbington (el b, ac b); Jeff Clyne (ac b); Mick Pyne, John Taylor, Gordon Beck (keys); Tony Gilbert, Michael Rennie, Hugh Bean, George French, Bill Armon, Raymond Moseley, Geoff Wakefield (violins); Fred Alexander, Allen Ford (cello); Michael Gibbs (cond, comp, arr)
  1. Tanglewood 63
  2. Fanfare
  3. Sojourn
  4. Canticle
  5. Five For England


Paul Brett's Sage
Jubilation Foundry
Dawn DNLS 3021
Paul Brett (voc, prod, gtr, p); Mike Gibbs (arr) etc.


Mike Cooper with the Machine Gun Co. and Michael Gibbs
Places I Know
Dawn DNLS 3026
Beat Goes On BGOCD???
Mike Cooper (g, voc, p); Mike Gibbs (arr); Jeff Clyne (cb); Laurie Allan (d); Alan Cook (p); Tony Pook (voc, fhn); Geoff Hawkins (ts); Bill Boazman (g); Tim Richardson (d); Les Clavert (b; Norma Winstone (voc, bv); Jean Oddie (bv); Gerald T. Moore (bv); Martin Nichols (tb); Martin Fry (tub); Tony Coe (ts); Stan Sulzmann (as); Bob Burns (as); Peter Civil (fhn); Johnny Van Derrick (vln)

The BGO 1996 CD reissue also includes Cooper's "The Machine Gun Company".


Mike Cooper
Too Late Now
Mike Cooper (g, voc); Gary Boyle (g); Harry Miller (b); Alan Cooke (p); Alan Jackson (d); Dudu Pukwana (sax); Mongezi Feza (tpt); Mike Osborne (sax); Stan Sulzmann (sax); John Warren (sax); Mike Gibbs (arr)

January 24, 30, 31 and February 9, 1971
Philips' Studios

National Youth Jazz Orchestra
National Youth Jazz Orchestra
Philips 6308 067
National Youth Jazz Orchestra; Michael Gibbs (cond) etc.

The remaining 10 tracks on this album are written and conducted by John Dankworth, Harry South, Graham Collier, Ken Gibson, Ray Davies and Alan Downey.

December 6 - 8, 1971
Ronnie Scott's, London

Buddy Rich
Rich In London
(P) 1972 RCA LSP-4666 (vinyl)
(P) 2005 BMG BVCJ-37433 (CD, Japan)
(P) 2006 Mosaic MCD-1009
Very Alive At Ronnie Scott's
(P) 2008 BGO Records BGOCD785
Buddy Rich (d); Pat LaBarbera (ts, ss, fl); Brian A. Grivna (as, fl); Jimmy Mosher (as, ss, fl); Don Englert (ts, ss, fl); Joe Calo (bars, ss, fl); Lon Biviano, Jeff Stout, Wayne Naus, John DeFlon (tp); Bruce Paulson, Tony DiMaggio (tb); John Leys (btb); Bob Dogan (p); Paul Kondziela (b); Michael Gibbs (arr)

"Two Bass Hit", the sole Gibbs arrangement on this album, is also available on Battle Of The Bands CD (1998, RCA 63129) with every other track by Woody Herman Orchestra.


Ballad Of A Simple Love
(P) 1972 Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1033
Schunge (voc, g); Chris Spedding (g); Mike Gibbs (arr) etc.


The John Dankworth Big Band
Full Circle
Philips 6038 122
(P) 2011 Vocalion 2CDSML 8484
Trevor Barber, Butch Hudson, Henry Shaw, Henry Lowther, Martin Drover, Ken Wheeler, Eddie Blair (tp); Chris Pyne, Mike Gibbs, Malcolm Griffiths, David Horler (tb); Dick Hart (tuba); Antonio Cooke (horn); Don Fay, Stan Sulzman, Duncan Lamont, Roger Cawkwell (woodwinds); Alan Branscombe (vib); John Taylor, Bruce Graham (p); Joe Moretti, Martin Kershaw (g); Tony Campo, Daryl Runswick (el-b); Ray Cooper (perc); Harold Fisher, John Spooner (dr)

April 22, 1972

Barry Guy & The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra
(P) 1972 Incus 6/7
(P) 1996 Intakt 041
Barry Guy (b, comp); Michael Gibbs (tb); Derek Bailey (g) etc.

May 31 - June 3, 1972
Ronnie Scott's, London

Just Ahead
Mike Gibbs Band
Just Ahead
(P) 1972 Polydor, Select Double 2683 011
(P) 2005 Beat Goes On BGOCD679
Kenny Wheeler (tp, flgh - except June 3); Henry Lowther (tp, flgh); Harry Becket (tp, flgh - on June 3); Chris Pyne (tb); Malcolm Griffiths (tb, btb); Geoff Perkins (btb); Ray Warleigh (as, fl, afl); Stan Sulzmann (as, ss, fl, pic fl); Alan Skidmore (ss, ts, fl, afl); Dave MacRae (el p - except June 3); John Taylor (el p - on June 3); Chris Spedding (g, el sitar); Roy Babbington (el b); John Marshall (d); Frank Ricotti (vib, perc)

July/November 1972

Mike Maran
Fair Warning
Bronze ILPS 9221
Michael Gibbs (arr, cond); Tony Ashton, Dave Mattacks, Henry Lowther etc.
  1. Fair Warning
  2. Magic Moon
  3. Hellbent
  4. Love Supreme
  5. Sometime Child
  6. Tigers Looking Back
  7. Red School Uniform
  8. Pleased To Meet You
  9. Monday Boy
  10. Please Keep The Rain Away

October 19 & December 1, 1972

Alan Cohen Band
Duke Ellington's Black Brown And Beige
Argo ZDA 159
(P) Vocalion CDLK 4252
George Chisholm, Greg Bowen, Kenny Wheeler, Dave Hancock, Harold Becket, Les Condon (tp); Henry Lowther (tp, vln); Malcolm Griffiths, Chris Pyne, Geof Perkins, Mike Gibbs, Robin Gardener (tb); Olaf Vas, John Williams, Dave Gelly, Alan Skidmore, Art Themen, John Warren (reeds); Brian Priestley (p); Dave Markee (b); Alan Jackson (dr); Norma Winstone (vo); Alan Cohen (cond)
  1. Black Work Song
  2. Come Sunday
  3. Light
  4. Brown West Indian Dance
  5. Emancipation Celebration
  6. The Blues
  7. Beige


Paul Brett
Paul Brett
Bradley's Records BRADL 1001

Mike Gibbs is the arranger on two tracks, "18 Years" and "Who Am I?"

Audio Int. and Theatre Projects Sound

The Goodies
Sing Songs from The Goodies
(P) 1973 Decca SKL 5175
The World of The Goodies
(P) 1973 Decca SPA 416
Gary Boyle (g); Chris Spedding (b); John Marshall (d); Mike Gibbs (arr)

February 15, 1973
NDR Studio, Hamburg, Germany

NDR Jazz Workshop '73
NDR 666238
Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther (tp, flgh); Chris Pyne (tb); Geoff Perkins (b-tb); Stan Sulzman, Ray Warleigh, Brian Smith (saxes, fl); Frank Ricotti (vib, perc); John Taylor (p, org); Dave McRae (p); Roy Babbington (b-g); John Marshall (dr); Norma Winstone (voc); Michael Gibbs (cond)

April 1973
CBS Studios, London

Super Fly T.N.T. (soundtrack)
(P) 1974 Buddah BDS 5136 ST / 0598
Osibisa (comp, arr, perf), Michael Gibbs (additional brass arrangements)

June 25 & 26, 1973
Electric Lady Studios, New York

Mike Gibbs & Gary Burton
In The Public Interest
(P) 1974 Polydor 2383 252
Michael Gibbs (comp, arr, cond); Gary Burton (vib); Marvin Stamm, Randy Brecker, Pat Stout, Jeff Stout (tp, flgh); Michael Brecker (ts, ss); Harvey Wainapel (as, ss); Paul Moen (ts, ss, fl); Bill Watrous, Wayne Andre (tb); Paul Faulise (btb); Dave Taylor (btb, tuba); George Ricci, Alan Schulman (cello); Pat Rebillot (el p, org); Al Zavod (p, el p); Mick Goodrick (g); Steve Swallow (b); Warren Smith (perc); Harry Blazer, Bob Moses (d)
  1. The Start Of Something Similar
  2. Four Or Less
  3. Dance: Blue
  4. To Lady Mac: In Memory
  5. Family Joy, Oh Boy
  6. In The Public Interest
  7. To Lady Mac: In Sympathy

December 1973
Hamburg, Germany

Gary Burton
Seven Songs For Quartet And Chamber Orchestra
(P) 1974 ECM 1040
Reissued in January 2014 in ECM Re_solutions series as 180 gram vinyl album, CD and high resolution 96 kHz/24-bit download file
Gary Burton (vib); Mick Goodrick (g); Steve Swallow (b); Ted Seibs (d); Michael Gibbs (cond, comp); NDR Hannover symphony orchestra
  1. Nocturne Vulgaire / Arise, Her Eyes [Swallow]
  2. Throb
  3. By Way Of Preface
  4. Phases
  5. The Rain Before It Falls
  6. Three

Electric Ladyland Studio, New York

Stanley Clarke
Stanley Clarke
(P) 1974 Nemperor NE 431
Stanley Clarke (b); Bill Connors (g); Jan Hammer (keys); Airto Moreira (perc); Tony Williams (d); Michael Gibbs (str & brass arr) etc.


Roy Harper
(P) 1974 Chrysalis 1163
(P) 1995 Science Friction HUCD015
Roy Harper (prod); Peter Jenner (prod); Jimmy Page (g); Michael Gibbs (brass arr) etc.

The other tracks on this album are arranged by David Bedford.

January-March 1974
Musicland, Munich, Germany

Uriah Heep
(P) 1974 Bronze 9280
(P) 1990 Roadrunner RR-9352-2
Mick Box (g); Ken Hensley (keys, g, perc); David Byron (voc); Gary Thain (b); Lee Kerslake (d); Michael Gibbs (arr)

March 1974
AIR Studios, London

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Columbia CK 46111
Jean-Luc Ponty (el violin, el baritone violin); Gayle Moran (keys, voc); Michael Tilson Thomas (cond, p); Marsha Westbrook (viola); Carol Shive (violin, voc); Philip Hirschi (cello, voc); Mahavishnu aka John McLaughlin (g, vocal comp); Michael Walden (d, perc, voc); Ralphe Armstrong (b, voc); Michael Gibbs (orch)
  1. Power Of Love
  2. Vision Is A Naked Sword
  3. Smile Of The Beyond
  4. Wings Of Karma
  5. Hymn To Him

April 27, 1974
Southwark Cathedral, London

Will Power - A Shakespeare Birthday Celebration In Music
(P) 1975 Argo ZDA 164/165 (double vinyl)
(P) 2005 Vocalion 2CDSML 8412 (double CD)
Neil Ardley, Ian Carr, Michael Gibbs (cond); Norma Winstone, Pepi Lemer (voc); Kenny Wheeler (tp, flgh); Tony Coe (ts, bcl); Paul Buckmaster, Colin Walker (cello); Gordon Beck, John Taylor (keys); Stan Tracey (p); Ron Matthewson (b, bass guitar); Tony Levin (d); Trevor Tomkins (perc)

Argo ZDA 164 / Vocalion 2CDSML 8412 (CD 1)

Argo ZDA 165 / Vocalion 2CDSML 8412 (CD 2)


Back Door
Another Fine Mess
(P) 1975 Warner Bros. WB K56098
(P) 2014 BGO Records BGOCD1170
Colin Hodgkinson (voc, b, 12-str g); Ron Aspery (sax); Tony Hicks (d, perc); Michael Gibbs (arr) etc.

Michael Gibbs is not involved on the other nine tracks on this album.

Lansdowne Studios and Roundhouse Recording Studios

The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra
Michael Gibbs
The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra
(P) 1975 Bronze ILPS 9353
(P) 199? ah um 009
(P) 1995 Beat Goes On BGO CD273
Charlie Mariano (as, ss, fl, nadhaswaram); Philip Catherine (g); Steve Swallow (b, el p); Bob Moses (d, perc); Jumma Santos (perc); Mike Gibbs (keys); Derek Watkins (tp); John Huckridge, Henry Lowther (flgh); Butch Hudson, Ian Hamer, Kenny Wheeler (tp, flgh); Chris Pyne, Dave Horler (tb); Bill Geldard (btb); Ray Warleigh (as); Stan Sulzmann (as, ss, fl); Alan Skidmore (ts, ss, fl); Tony Coe (ts, bcl, as); Duncan Lamont, Chris Taylor (fl, afl); Pat Halling (led the strings); Colin Walker (electric cello on 'Undergrowth')
  1. To Lady Mac: In Retrospect
  2. Nairam [Catherine]
  3. Blackgang
  4. Antique
  5. Undergrowth
  6. Tunnel of Love
  7. Unfinished Sympathy


Ken Hensley
Eager To Please
(P) 1975 Bronze ILPS 9307 (vinyl)
(P) 1998 Repertoire (CD)
Ken Hensley (voc, g keys), Mark Clarke (b, voc), Bugs Pemberton (dr, perc), B.J Cole (pedal steel), Ray Warleigh (as), Michael Gibbs (orch arr)

August 1975
Willow, NY

Michael Mantler/Carla Bley
13 3/4
Michael Mantler (cond); Carla Bley (p); Michael Gibbs (tb) etc.

Camp Colomby Studios, New City, New York

Jaco Pastorius
Jaco Pastorius
Epic PE 33949
Jaco Pastorius (b, str arr on "Kuru/Speak Like A Child"); Herbie Hancock (p); Don Alias (bongos, congas); Bobby Economou (d); Michael Gibbs (str arr on "Forgotten Love", cond) + string section

June-September 1976
San Francisco and New York

Lenny White
Big City
(P) 1977 Nemperor K 50345 / NE 441
(P) 1999 Wounded Bird 441
Lenny White (d, p, prod); Michael Gibbs (p, orch); Neal Schon, Ray Gomez (g); Onaje Allan Gumbs (p); Alex Blake (b); Jerry Goodman (vln); Jan Hammer (p); Pat Gleeson (syn); Miroslav Vitous (b); Lois Colin (harp); Gary King (b); David Earl Johnson (cga)

August 23, 1976 - September 4, 1976
Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, NY

Narada Michael Walden
Garden Of Love Light
(P) 1976 Atlantic SD 18199
(P) 2001 Wounded Bird 8199
Narada Michael Walden (d, voc, p); Raymond Gomez, Devadip Carlos Santana (g); Will Lee (b); David Sancious (keys, org); Don Mero (synth); Lois Colin (harp); Michael Gibbs (arr, cond of Perfection Light Symphony); Tom Dowd (prod)

There are five more tracks on this album without the involvement of Michael Gibbs.


Jan Akkerman
Jan Akkerman
(P) 1978 Atlantic ATLN 50240
(P) 1988 WEA 242 360-2
Jan Akkerman (g); Michael Gibbs (arr) etc.

The Soundstage, Toronto & Morgan Studios/Olympic Studios, London

Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel
Charisma PGCD1
Peter Gabriel (voc, keys, fl, recorder); Robert Fripp (g, banjo) etc.; The London Symphony Orchestra; Michael Gibbs (arr, cond)

March-April 1977
Electric Lady Studios, New York, U.S.A. & C.T.S. Studios, Wembley, Middlesex, U.K.

Chris Hinze
Philips 6413104
(P) 2002 Keytone KYT 744
Chris Hinze (fl); Sigi Schwab (g); Jan Goudswaard; Eddie Gomez; Michael Gibbs (arr, cond) etc. with members of the London Symphony Orchestra

A&M Studios, Hollywood & Columbia Studio C, New York

Joni Mitchell
Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
Elektra/Asylum BB-701
Joni Mitchell (p, voc); Jaco Pastorius (b); John Guerin (d); Wayne Shorter (ss); J.D. Souther, Glenn Frey (voc); Michael Gibbs (orch, cond)

The 2005 Joni Mitchell compilation, "Songs Of A Prairie Girl" (Asylum/Reprise/Nonesuch/Rhino) contains a remix of "Paprika Plains".

April-May 1977
Atlantic Studios, New York

Narada Michael Walden
I Cry, I Smile
(P) 1977 Atlantic 50147
(P) 2001 Wounded Bird 9141
Narada Michael Walden (d, p); Cliff Carter (keys); Hiram Bullock, Raymond Gomez, Silver Light (g); Neil Jason (b); Norma Jean Bell (as); Christine Faith, Ellen DeLeston, Cheryl Alexander (voc); Michael Gibbs (cond, string orch)

Michael Gibbs is not involved on the other six tracks on this album.

May 1977
Electric Lady Studios, New York

Art Webb
Love Eyes
(P) 1977 Atlantic SD 18226
Art Webb (fl); Michael Gibbs (arr) etc.


Jan Akkerman
Jan Akkerman 3
(P) 1979 Atlantic K 50664
Jan Akkerman (g); Michael Gibbs (str & horn arr) etc.

Studio B, Boston

David Chocron
City Rhythm
(P) 1981 Polydor 2382 123
David Chocron (gtr, voc, co-prod); Michael Gibbs (co-prod, trb on "So That You Know" & "San Juan"); Michael Clarke (drums); Mick Gaffney (gtr); Danny Morris (bs); Scott Breadman (perc)
  1. The Canyon
  2. I Don't Wanna Go
  3. Greetings From New York
  4. So That You Know
  5. The Ugly Song
  6. San Juen
  7. Danielle
  8. Loves All Gone Astray (Drink Up)
  9. City Rhythm


Angela Bofill
Something About You
(P) 1981 Arista AL9576
(P) 2002 Arista/BMG Heritage 10605
Angela Bofill (voc); Michael Gibbs; Narada Michael Walden (prod, d) etc.

The Automatt, San Francisco, California

Stacy Lattisaw
With You
(P) 1981 Cotillion SD 16049 or COT 50 798
(P) 2006 Collectables COL 7762
Stacy Lattisaw (voc); Narada Michael Walden (prod, d, p); Randy Jackson (b); Corrado Rustici (g); Frank Martin (keys); Michael Gibbs (str arr & cond); Nathan Rubin (concert master) and Perfection Light Orchestra; Jim Gilstrap, Vicki Randle, Dee Dee Dickerson, Ngoh Spencer (background voc on "You Take Me To Heaven")


Jaco Pastorius
Word Of Mouth
Warner Bros.
Jaco Pastorius (b); Michael Gibbs (hanging out) etc.

The Automatt, Davlen Studios and Power Station

Sister Sledge
All American Girls
(P) 1981 Cotillion 16027
(P) 1995 Rhino 8122-71914-2
Debbie Sledge, Joni Sledge, Kathy Sledge, Kim Sledge (voc); Frank Martin (keys); Bob Castell-Blanch (g); Randy Jackson (b); Narada Michael Walden (d, perc, keys, prod); Michael Gibbs (str arr) etc.

Michael Gibbs is not involved on the other eight tracks on this album.


Wanda Walden
Wanda Walden
(P) 1981 Elektra 6E-338
Wanda Walden (voc); Narada Michael Walden (d, prod, arr); Michael Gibbs (str arr, handclaps) etc.

The string arrangements on other tracks by Frank Martin.


Stacy Lattisaw
Sneakin' Out
(P) 1982 Cotillion 90002-1
Stacy Lattisaw (voc); Michael Gibbs (str arr); Narada Michael Walden (d, keys, perc, prod) etc.

San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York

Narada Michael Walden
(P) 1982 Atlantic SD 19351
(P) 2007 Wounded Bird WOU 9351
Narada Michael Walden; Michael Gibbs (str arr) etc.


Kevin Eubanks
Musician Elektra 0213
Kevin Eubanks (g, arr); Robin Eubanks (trb, arr); Ralph Moore (ts); Ronnie Burrage, Tommy Campbell, Roy Haynes (d); Charles Eubanks (p); David Eubanks (b); Michael Gibbs (prod)

April 11-12, 1982
Vanguard Studio, New York City

Bob Moses
When Elephants Dream Of Music
(P) 1982 Gramavision GR 8203
(P) 1993 Rhino R2 79491
Bob Moses (d); Michael Gibbs (arr) etc.

February - June 1982
Willow, NY & London

Michael Mantler
Something There
WATT/13 or ECM 23786-1
Michael Mantler (tp); Mike Stern (g); Carla Bley (p); Steve Swallow (b); Nick Mason (d); strings of London Symphony Orchestra; Michael Gibbs (arr, cond)

More information.

June 30, 1982
Kool Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, New York City

Young Lions
Young Lions
Elektra/Musician 60196
Michael Gibbs (producer) with:

Bobby McFerrin (voc); Wynton Marsalis (tp); Avery Sharpe (b)
Paquito D'Rivera, John Purcell (as); Chico Freeman (ts); Craig Harris (tb); Jay Hoggard (vib); Anthony Davis (p); Kevin Eubanks (g); Avery Sharpe (b); Ronnie Burrage (d); Daniel Ponce (perc)
John Purcell (cl); Paquito D'Rivera (as); Chico Freeman (ts); Hamiet Bluiett (bars); James Newton (fl); Craig Harris (tb); John Blake (vl); Abdul Wadud (cello); Jay Hoggard (vib); Anthony Davis (p); Kevin Eubanks (g); Fred Hopkins, Avery Sharpe (b); Ronnie Burrage (d); Daniel Ponce (perc)
John Blake (vl); Avery Sharpe (b); Jay Hoggard (mar); Anthony Davis (p); Ronnie Burrage (d); Daniel Ponce (perc)
Bobby McFerrin (voc); John Purcell (ob, engh); Paquito D'Rivera (as); Chico Freeman (ts); Hamiet Bluiett (bars); James Newton (fl); Wynton Marsalis (tp); Craig Harris (tb); John Blake (vl); Abdul Wadud (cello); Anthony Davis (p); Kevin Eubanks (g); Avery Sharpe, Fred Hopkins (b); Ronnie Burrage (d); Daniel Ponce (perc)
Chico Freeman (ts); Wynton Marsalis (tp); Kevin Eubanks (g); Ronnie Burrage (d); Avery Sharpe (b)
Bobby McFerrin (voc); James Newton (fl); Paquito D'Rivera (as); John Purcell (ob, engh, fl); Chico Freeman (bcl, ts); Hamiet Bluiett (bars); Wynton Marsalis (tp); Craig Harris (tb); John Blake (vl); Abdul Wadud (cello); Jay Hoggard (vib); Kevin Eubanks (g); Anthony Davis (p); Fred Hopkins, Avery Sharpe (b); Ronnie Burrage (d); Daniel Ponce (perc)
James Newton (fl); Anthony Davis (p); Kevin Eubanks (g); Fred Hopkins (b); Ronnie Burrage (d)
Jay Hoggard (vib, balafon)
Wynton Marsalis (tp); James Newton (fl); John Blake (vl); Kevin Eubanks (g); Avery Sharpe (b); Ronnie Burrage (d)


Bill Evans
Living In The Crest Of A Wave
Musician Elektra
Bill Evans (ts, ss, fl, syn); Mitch Forman (keys); Mark Egan (b); Adam Nussbaum, Danny Gottlieb (d); Manolo Badrena (perc, voc); Michael Gibbs (prod)

Vanguard Studio and Gramavision Studio, New York City

Bob Moses
Visit With The Great Spirit
(P) 1984 Gramavision GR 8307
(P) 1984 Rykodisc / Gramavision GCD 79507
Tiger Okoshi; Bob Mintzer; David Liebman; George Garzone; David Gross; Howard Johnson; Tony Coe; John D'earth; David Sanborn; Michael Gibbs (tb on "Machupicchu" and "Carinho"); Jerome Harris; Lincoln Goines; Steve Swallow; Eddie Gomez; Steve Kuhn; Delmar Brown; Cliff Korman; Bill Frisell; John Scofield; Manoel Monteiro; Bill Martin; Claudio Silva; Ron De Francesco; Jahnet Levatin; Danny Gottlieb; Hiroshi Hieda; Rayoko Shiota; Kyoto Baker; Rahboat Moses
  1. Fan Man
  2. Deepest Blue
  3. Machupicchu
  4. Visit With The Great Spirit
  5. Monktional
  6. Carinho
  7. Suite Bahia

All compositions by Bob Moses. All arrangements by Bob Moses and Michael Gibbs, except "Carinho", arranged by Michael Gibbs.


Stacy Lattisaw
(P) 1983 Cotillion 90106-1
(P) 2006 Collectables COL 7764
Stacy Lattisaw (voc); Michael Gibbs (str arr); Narada Michael Walden (prod) etc.

Carlisle, New York City and Boston

Bob Moses
The Story Of Moses
Gramavision 18-8703-2
various groups including New York Horns: David Liebman (ss); Lew Soloff (tp); Bob Mintzer (ts, bcl); David Gross (as, fl); David Taylor (btb); Michael Gibbs (tb); Howard Johnson (bars, cbcl)

A&R Recording Studios & Record Plant, New York City

Marianne Faithfull
Strange Weather
Island 842593-2 / IMCD 12
Marianne Faithfull (voc); Michael Gibbs (arr, s=strings, h=horns); Bill Frisell (g, arr); Mac Rebennack (p); Chris Hunter (as, fl) etc.

Hollywood, California

Michael Gibbs
Housekeeping (soundtrack)
Varese Sarabande STV-81338, VCD-47308
Michael Gibbs (comp, arr)

Journey to grandma's; Ruth and Lucille in Fingerbone; Hole in the ice; Getting to know Sylvie; Sylvie; Life with Sylvie; Lucille and Ruth drift; A day out; On the lake; Magic Island; Waiting and reminiscing; Freightcar ride; Cleaning house; Leaving home; End credits

Tarpan Studios, San Rafael, CA; Right Track Studios, NYC; Clinton Recording Studios, NYC; The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA

Whitney Houston
Arista 208 141
Whitney Houston (voc); Narada Michael Walden (prod, arr, d); Frank Martin (keys); Randy Jackson (b, b syn); Corrado Rustici (g syn); Kenny G (ts); Preston Glass (syn prog, bells, DX7); Greg "Gigi" Gonaway (Simmons); Walter "Baby Love" Ananasieff (keys); Cory Lerios (syn); Jim Gilstrap, Kitty Beethoven, Nikki Harris, Jennifer Hall (background voc); Michael Gibbs (str arr & cond)

Boston, New York and London

Big Music
The Mike Gibbs Orchestra
Big Music
(P) 1988 Virgin/Venture CDVE 27
ACT 9231-2
Duke Levine, Dave Fiuczynski (rhythm g); John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Kevin Eubanks (g); Brad Hatfield, Dave Bristow (keys); Jim Odgren (as); Chris Hunter (as, ss, ts, fl); Lou Marini (ts, ss, fl); Bob Mintzer (ts, fl, bcl); Dave Tofani (fl, afl, pic); Lew Soloff, Allan Rubin, Earl Gardner, Ian Carr (tp); John Clark (frh); Dave Bargeron (tb); David Taylor (btb); Kai Eckhardt (b); Bob (Rahboat Ntumba) Moses (d & d prog); Bill Martin (ac & el d prog); Ben Wittman (perc & d prog); Mike Gibbs (tb, p, comp, arr, cond); Django Bates (p*); Julian Argüelles (ss*)
  1. Wall To Wall
  2. Pride Aside
  3. Kosasa
  4. Almost Ev'ry Day
  5. Waterfront*
  6. Watershed
  7. Mopsus
  8. Adult
  9. Pride Outside

*) 'Waterfront' on ACT 9231-2 reissue only.

CTS Studios, Middlesex, England

John McLaughlin
"Mediterranean" Concerto
CBS MK 45578
John McLaughlin (g); Michael Gibbs (orch); Michael Tilson Thomas (cond); London Symphony Orchestra

Tarpan Studios, San Rafael, CA; Nippies Studio, Mendham, NJ; Air Recording Studios, London, England

Various Artists
1988 Summer Olympics Album / One Moment In Time
Arista ARCD-8551
Whitney Houston (voc, voc arr); Narada Michael Walden (prod, arr, d); Walter Afanasieff (keys); Randy Jackson (Moog syn); Bongo Bob Smith (EMU SP 12 perc, programming, sampling); Vernon "Ice" Black (g); Ren Klyce (Fairlight CMI); Karen Brewington, James Gilstrap, Jeanie Tracy, Claytoven Richardson, Walter Hawkins, Rosie Gaines, Lynette Stephans (background voc); Michael Gibbs (arr, cond); London Symphony Orchestra

Other artists on this various artists compilation include Four Tops, Bee Gees, Eric Carmen, The Bunburys, John Williams, Taylor Dayne, Jennifer Holliday, Jermaine Jackson & La La, Odds & Ends, The Christians and Kashif.

December 26-31, 1989
39th St Music Productions, NYC

Iron & Silk
Michael Gibbs
Iron & Silk (soundtrack)
(P) 1991 Mute 61269-2 (IONIC 7CD)
Ben Wittman (perc, perg prog); Jamshied Sharifi (keys, synth prog); Liang-Xing Tang (p'ip'a); Michael Gibbs (keys)

Arrival / First Impressions, Teacher Hei / The Dining Room, Iron Fist, Mark and Ming, Walking Teacher Hei Part-way Home / T'ai Chi, Mark's First Lesson, Bamboo Garden / Early Morning T'ai Chi, Working Out With Bricks, Classroom Story 1-3, The Gorge, Confusion, Improving Cultural Relations, Mark's Anger, Through The Paces, On The Steps / Pan's House, Farewell Party / Blue Danube, Duel, End Credits

R.P.M. Studio, New York

Lori Carson
(P) 1990 Geffen D2-24256
Lori Carson (voc); Ed Roynesdal (keys, dr prog); Paul Pimsler, Marc Ribot, Gary Lucas (g); Mark Egan, Tony Garnier (b); Michael Blair (tom tom, cymbal, glockenspiel, d); Doris Eugenio, Margaret Dorn (bg voc); Carol Emanuel (harp); Chris Lacey (recorder); Edwart Beckett, Luke Stevens (fl); Alfredo Padernera (bandoneon); Phil Todd (cl); Gregg Allman (voc); Gil Goldstein (p); Rob Wasserman (b); Prairie Prince (d); Hank Roberts (cello arr); Michael Gibbs (str & woodwind arr); Hal Willner (prod)

The remaining 4 tracks don't feature Michael Gibbs arrangements.


Nick Purnell
One, Two, Three
Ah UM 006
Michael Gibbs (tb) etc.

October 18, 1991
Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Mike Gibbs Band
Symphony Hall, Birmingham 1991
(P)(C) 2018 Dusk Fire Records DUSKCD116
Mike Gibbs (tb); John Scofield (g); Kenny Wheeler (tp, flgh); John Taylor (p); Steve Swallow (b); Bill Stewart (d); Tony Coe (ts); Julian Arguelles (ts, ss); Chris Pyne (tb); John Clark, John Rooke (frh); Stuart Brooks, John Barclay (tp); Dave Stewart (btb, tuba)

December 1991
Power Station, NYC

John Scofield
Grace Under Pressure
Blue Note CDP 7 98167 2
John Scofield (el g, horn arr, co-prod); Bill Frisell (el g, ac g); Charlie Haden (b); Joey Baron (d); Randy Brecker (flgh); John Clark (frh); Jim Pugh (tb); Michael Gibbs (horn arr); Steve Swallow (prod)

February - March 1992
Syntex Studio, Boston, MA

Michael Gibbs
Hard-Boiled (soundtrack)
(P) 1993 Mute IONIC 11 CD
Michael Gibbs (keys, comp, arr); Ben Wittman (syn, prog); Jamshied Sharifi (syn, prog); Ole Mathisen (ss, ts); Jim Odgren (ss, as)

Hard-Boiled Overture, Tea House Bust, Red Car Boogie, Library Hit, Sad Kong, Wong-Kong, Wong Loses It, Gun Arsenal, Boatyard Battle, Yuen & Kong, Motorcade, Ko Knocked Out, Corridor Creeping, Cut Throat, Body Count, Shirley & The Babies, Hospital Inferno


Michael Gibbs
Being Human (soundtrack)
(P) 1993 Varese Sarabande VSD-5479

April 30, May 1 and August 4, 1993
Angel Studios, London

By The Way
Mike Gibbs Orchestra
By The Way
(P) 1993 ah um 016
Mike Gibbs (cond); Julian Arguelles (sax, fl); Iain Dixon (sax, cl, bcl, fl); Iain Ballamy (sax); Charlie Mariano (as); Evan Parker (ts); John Barclay, Kenny Wheeler, Richard Iles, Steve Sidwell (tp); Pete Beachill (tb); David Stewart (btb); Oren Marshall (tuba); John Rooke, Jim Rattigan, Cormac O hAodain, Andrew Clark (frh); Mike Walker, John Parracelli (g); John Taylor, Nikki Iles (p); Steve Swallow (b); Bob Moses, John Marshall (d); Simone Haggiag (perc)
  1. Beauteous Being
  2. Blueprint
  3. To Lady Mac: In Sympathy
  4. Something Similar
  5. World Without
  6. The Rain Before It Falls
  7. Jeunesse
  8. Roses Are Red
  9. Turn Of The Century
  10. Out Of The Question
  11. Just A Head / Fanfare

Tarpan Studios, San Rafael and The Townhouse, London

Elton John
MCA MCAD-10926
Elton John, Kiki Dee (voc); Michael Gibbs (str arr & cond); Narada Michael Walden (prod, rhythm and voc arr); Corrado Rustici (mandolin); Louis "Kingpin" Biancaniello (keys, programming); Claytoven Richardson, Sandy Griffith (bvoc)

Michael Gibbs is not involved on the other 15 tracks on this album.

August 1993
Blue Jay Studios

Bob Moses
Time Stood Still
Gramavision R279493
Bob Moses (d, keys); Michael Gibbs (?) etc.


Various Artists
Prudential Awards For The Arts 1993
Prudential/Classic FM
Bill Frisell (g); Michael Gibbs (cond); Derek Drescher (prod); Birmingham Contemporary Music Group & Birmingham Jazz

BBC TV Studios and Angel Recording Studios

Century / Close My Eyes
Michael Gibbs
Century / Close My Eyes (soundtrack)
(P) 1994 Mute IONIC10CD

CENTURY: The New Century, Paul & Felix, The Park, Paul's Late, Progress, Clara, The Exhibition, The New World, Clara's World, Paul and Clara, Tent City, The Lecture, In His Element, Closure Of The Institute, The Boat, At The Party, The Kiss, The New Century Again, End Credits
CLOSE MY EYES: Richards Arrival, The Beginning, Home Counties, Nat At Home, Love Scene, Picnic, Chat In The Dark, Waterside Walk, Their Oasis, Argument, Boat Ride, Garden Party Fight, Trio Walk

September - November 1994
NDR Studios, Hannover and Hamburg, Germany

Michael Gibbs
Europeana - Jazzphony No. 1
(P) 1995 ACT 9220
Michael Gibbs (arr, cond); Joachim Kuhn (p); Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark (b); Jon Christensen (d); Theo Wiemes (frh); Douglas Boyd (oboe); Django Bates (tenor horn); Richard Galliano (accordion); Christof Lauer (ss); Markus Stockhausen (flgh, pic tp); Martin Stoll (oboe); Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Klaus Doldinger (ss); Klaus Worlitzsch (violin) etc.
  1. Castle In Heaven
  2. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
  3. The Shepherd Of Breton
  4. The Ingrian Rune Song
  5. The Groom's Sister
  6. Norwegian Psalm
  7. Three Angels
  8. Heaven Has Created
  9. She Moved Through The Fair
  10. Crebe De Chet
  11. Midnight Sun
  12. Londonderry Air
  13. Otra Jazzpana


Various Artists
Glory Of Gershwin
Phonogram 76383
Michael Gibbs, John Burgess, Graham Prescott (arr); George Martin (arr, prod) etc.

November 24, 1995
Studio 10 NDR

NDR Big Band
Bravissimo II - 50 Years Of NDR Big Band
ACT 9259-2
(P) 1996 Blue Jackel 9232
Michael Gibbs (arr, cond), Gary Burton (vib), Christof Lauer (ts), Thomas Alkier (dr)


Lakki Patey
Music Calendar
(P) 1996 Atlantic Recording Corporation ISBN 1-887688-02-17567-82820-2
Lakki Patey (gtr); Steve Yanovsky (exec prod)


London Brass
An Evening With London Brass
(P) 1996 LB-CD-001


Michael Gibbs
Gregory's2Girls (soundtrack)
For Promotional Use Only
Belle, Francis, Danger Is Everywhere, A Giving Person, Shooting Star, Don't Spectate... Participate, I Need A Bath, You're A Dog, Get Active, Breaking In, Trouble In The World, Belle's Lament, Poor Donkey, Bella! Bella!, Keep Me Posted, Japanese Tea Time, Italian Cafe

This is "For Promotional Use Only" and not available commercially.

Abbey Road, London

Fabrice Di Falco
Ombra mai fu
Fabrice di Falco (countertenor); Michael Gibbs (arr); Taka Watanabe (prod)

The Sound Suite, London & Smeeky Studios, Prague

The Greeks - Crucible Of Civilisation (soundtrack)
Arachne Music AM CD 125
Michael Gibbs (comp, arr on tracks 1,4,7,8,14,18,21); Prague Filmharmonic

February & May 2001
NDR Studios, Hamburg and Edison Recording, New York

Mike Gibbs
(P) 2001 Provocateur PVC 1027
Michael Gibbs (comp, arr); New York Musicians: Lew Soloff, Randy Brecker, Earl Gardner, Alex Sipiagin (tp); Chris Potter (ts, ss); Chris Hunter (as); Alex Foster (as, ts, ss, fl); Howard Johnson (cb cl, tuba); John Clark (frh); Jim Pugh, Dave Bargeron, Dave Taylor (tb); Gil Goldstein (p, acc); Hiram Bullock (g); Steve Swallow (b); Billy Kilson (d); NDR Musicians: Ingolf Burkhardt, Lennart Axelsson, Michael Leuschner, Claus Stötter, Dirk Lentschat, Reiner Winterschladen (tp); Fiete Felsch, Peter Bolte, Christof Lauer, Lutz Büchner, Frank Delle (sax); Joe Gallardo, Michael Danner, Dan Gottshall, Stefan Lotterman, Ingo Lahme (tb); Richard Rieves, Karyn Dobbs (frh); Vladyslav Sendecki (p); Stephen Diez (g); Lucas Lindholm (b); Mark Mondesir, Ian Thomas (d); Wolf Kerschek (marimbaphon); Marcio Doctor (perc)
  1. Nonsequence
  2. You get the picture
  3. Now listen here or Thul'ulalele [Meshack Mkhwanazi]
  4. Moonlight Serenade [Glenn Miller, Parrish]
  5. Rumour has it
  6. With all due respect
  7. Lost in Space [John Scofield]
  8. Knees up, Mother
  9. Be that as it may
  10. Gather the meaning


Virgin VJCP 68295
Izzy (voc); Michael Gibbs (arr) etc.

Shima-Uta is a bonus track featured on the Japanese release of the CD.

November 24, 1995, February 2002, September 3, 2002 and December 15, 2003

Back In The Days
Michael Gibbs and the NDR Bigband
Back In The Days
© 1995, 2002, 2003 Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)
(P) 2012 Cuneiform Records Rune 322
Michael Gibbs (comp, arr); Gary Burton (vib on 1, 11, 12) with the NDR Bigband (musicians from all dates): Lennart Axelsson, Rüdiger Baldauf, Ingolf Burkhardt, Johannes Faber, Dirk Lentschat, Reiner Winterschladen (tp); Wolfgang Ahlers, Egon Christmann, Joe Gallardo, Dan Gottshall, Stefan Lottermann, Jon Welch (tb); Ingo Lahme, Lucas Schmid (btb); Fiete Felsch, Peter Bolte (as); Christof Lauer, Lutz Büchner (ts); Frank Delle, Thomas Zoller (bars); Simon Nabatov, Vladyslav Sendecki (p); Stephan Diez (g), Ed Harris (g on 10); Lucas Lindholm (b); Thomas Alkier, Ian Thomas, Mark Mondesir, Martin France (d); Marcio Doctor (perc on 2-9)
  1. The Time Has Come
  2. Back Where I Belong [Vladyslav Sendecki]
  3. June the 15th 1967
  4. Tennis, Anyone?
  5. Jail Blues
  6. Antique
  7. Here's That Rainy Day [Jimmy Van Heusen]
  8. I Want To Talk About You [William Clarence Eckstine]
  9. 'Round Midnight [Thelonius Monk/Charles Melvin Williams]
  10. With all due respect
  11. Mosher
  12. Country Roads [Gary Burton/Steve Swallow]

January 20-26, 2004
Klangküche, Stuttgart, Germany

Cécile Verny
European Songbook
(P)(C) 2005 Minor Music Records 801115
Cécile Verny (voc); Andreas Erdchinger (p, Fender Rhodes); Bernd Heitzler (b); Torsten Koill(d); Simon Finch (tp, flgh); Finn Peters (as, fl); Sebastien Jarrousse (ts, ss); Florian Ross (cond); Michael Gibbs (arr).

The remaining 13 tracks arranged by Michael Abene, Carine Bonnefoy and Ralf Schmid.

August 1, 2005
Kremsmünster / VZ

The Upper Austr!an Jazz Orchestra
101 Years Glenn Miller
(P) 2005 ATS Records CD-0593
Michael Gibbs (cond, arr); Rudolf Pilz, Gerd Rahstorfer, Andy Pranzl, Manfred Weinberger (tp); Dominik Stöger, Robert Bachner, Christian Kastenhuber, Karl Wagner (tb); Robert Friedl, Franz Bachner, Christian Maurer, Christian Bachner, Andreas See (reeds); Primus Sitter (g); Helmar Hill (p); Wayne Darling (b); Alfred Vollbauer (d); Alberta "Ali" Gaggl (voc on 4, 5, 8 and 10)
  1. Jersey Bounce [Plater/Bradshaw/Johnson/Wright]
  2. Tuxedo Junction [Dash/Hawkins/Johnson/Feyne]
  3. A String Of Pearls / On The Alamo [DeLange/Gray / Jones/Kahn]
  4. St. Louis Blues [Handy]
  5. Stardust [Carmichael/Parish]
  6. American Patrol [Meacham]
  7. Chattanooga Choo Choo [Gordon/Warren]
  8. Skylark [Carmichael/Mercer]
  9. In The Mood [Garland]
  10. Danny Boy [trad.]
  11. King Porter Stomp [Morton]
  12. Moonlight Serenade [Miller]
  13. Cherokee [Noble]
  14. Moonlight Serenade [Miller]

All music conducted and arranged by Michael Gibbs except track 4 & 11 arranged by Gil Evans and adapted by Michael Gibbs.

December 21 & 22, 2005 & January 7, 2006
Angel Recording Studios, London and Avatar Studios, New York

Korean Drama Healing Collection
(P) 2006 Hiyo Records HYKP-4001
Michael Gibbs (orch arr); Shigeru Sakura (sound producer, music director, preproduction, music preparation); Keiko Moon (prod); Allan Wilson (cond); orchestra musicians incl. John Barclay (tp); Colin Sheen (tb); Paul Clarvis, Frank Ricotti (perc); John Horler (ac p, el p); Mitch Dalton (g, banjo, mandolin); Gil Goldstein (acc on 1, Fender Rhodes on 4); David Cooper (voc on 7)
  1. Main Title from "Sorry, but I love you"
  2. "Tamo"
  3. "Jan Keum"
  4. "Snow Flower" from "Sorry, but I love you"
  5. "The Way" (main title) from "Green Rose"
  6. "Winter Sonata"
  7. My Love from "Love in Bali" [Lee/Park/Cooper/Veniot]

The titles above are rough translations of the original Japanese titles (by Shigeru Sakura). The compositions originate from Korean TV dramas.

Kölner Philharmonie

WDR Big Band
Al' Arab Jazz
(P) 2006 NRW Records NRW 8001
Michael Gibbs (arr, cond); Karim Ziad (voc, dr); Aziz Sahmaoui (voc, perc); Mehdi Askeur (voc, perc, acc); Rhani Krija (voc, perc); WDR Bigband Cologne: Heiner Wilberny, Karolina Strassmayer (as); Olivier Peters (ts, EWI); Paul Heller (ts, ss); Jens Neufang (bars); Andy Haderer (tp, flgh); Rob Bruynen (tp); Klaus Osterloh (tp); John Marshall (tp, flgh); Martijn de Laat (tp); Ludwig Nuss, Dave Horler, Bernt Laukamp (tb); Mattis Cederberg (btb); Frank Chastenier (p); Paul Shigihara (g); John Goldsby (b); Hans Dekker (d)
  1. Jabario [Aziz Sahmaoui]
  2. Sawye [Youssef Boukella]
  3. Meli Ana [trad.]
  4. Gwarir [Karim Ziad]
  5. Aït Oumrar [trad.]
  6. The Joker [Bojan Zulfikarpasic]
  7. Chalini [trad.]
  8. Zawiya [Aziz Sahmaoui]
  9. Yahdik Allah [B'net Houriyat, Nguyên Lê]

April and December 2009
NDR Studios, Hamburg, Germany

Heres A Song For You
Mike Gibbs with the NDR Bigband feature Norma Winstone
Here's a Song For You
(C)(P) 2011 Fuzzy Moon Records FUZ005
Michael Gibbs (arr, mus dir); Norma Winstone (voc); Mark Mondesir (d) with NDR Bigband: Thorsten Benkenstein, Ingolf Burkhardt, Michael Leuschner, Claus Stötter, Reiner Winterschladen (tp); Fiete Felsch, Peter Bolte, Christof Lauer, Lutz Büchner, Frank Delle, Matthias Erlewein (sax, ww); Dan Gottshall, Klaus Heidenreich, Steve Trop (tb); Ingo Lahme (btb, tuba); Stephan Diez (g); Dave Whitford (b); Vladyslav Sendecki, Mischa Schumann (p); Marcio Doctor (perc); Vytantas Sondeckis (cello on 11)
  1. Blue [Joni Mitchell]
  2. So In Love [Cole Porter]
  3. Soldier's Things [Tom Waits]
  4. River Man [Nick Drake]
  5. I Think It's Going To Rain Today [Randy Newman]
  6. Jitterbug Waltz [Fats Waller & Richard Maltby Jr]
  7. A Thousand Years [Sting & Mark Eldridge]
  8. Caravan [Tizol/Ellington/Mills]
  9. Daydream [Strayhorn/Ellington/Letouche]
  10. Here Comes the Honey Man [George & Ira Gershwin]
  11. Some Shadows
  12. You Go to My Head [Coots/Gillespie]

November 4-5, 2011
Liezen and St. Georgen a.d. Gusen / VZ

The Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra
Swing & All That Jazz
(P) 2012 ATS Records CD-0765
Michael Gibbs (cond, arr); Andy Pranzl, Barny Girlinger, Simon Plötzeneder, Manfred Weinberger (tp); Dominik Stöger, Robert Bachner, Hermann Mayr, Karl Wagner (tb); Robert Friedl, Franz Bachner, Christian Maurer, Robert Mullner, Andreas See (reeds); Primus Sitter (g); Helmar Hill (p); Christian Wendt (b); Alfred Vollbauer (d); Ali Gaggl (voc on 3,4)
  1. Hank Cinq [Ellington]
  2. Star Crossed Lovers [Ellington]
  3. I Thought About You [Van Heusen/Mercer]
  4. Better Git It In Your Soul [Mingus]
  5. Here's That Rainy Day [Van Heusen/Burke]
  6. Ask Me Now [Monk]
  7. Evidence [Monk]
  8. Daydream [Strayhorn]
  9. Invitation [Kaper]
  10. Opus One [Oliver]
  11. The Song Is You [Kern/Hammerstein]
  12. It's Only A Paper Moon [Arlen/Harburg/Rose]
  13. You Go To My Head [Coots/Gillespie]
  14. The Kid from Red Bank [Hefti]

All music conducted and arranged by Michael Gibbs "Star Crossed Lovers" is adapted only; "The Kid from Red Bank" original by Neil Hefti.

December 11, 2012
Fishmarket Studios, London

Play Gil Evans
Mike Gibbs + Twelve
Play Gil Evans
(P) 2013 Whirlwind Recordings WR4639
Michael Gibbs (cond, arr); Finn Peters (as, fl); Julian Siegel (ts, ss, bcl); Lluis Mather (ts, ss, cl); Percy Pursglove, Robbie Robson, Joe Auckland (tp, flgh); Mark Nightingale (tb); Sarah Williams (btb, tuba); Jim Rattigan (frh); Hans Koller (p); Michael Janisch (b); Jeff Williams (d)
  1. Bilbao Song [Weill]
  2. Las Vegas Tango [Evans]
  3. Ida Lupino [Bley]
  4. Feelings & Things
  5. Sister Sadie [Silver]
  6. Spring Is Here [Rodgers & Hart]
  7. Ramblin' [Coleman]
  8. St. Louis Blues [Handy]
  9. Tennis, Anyone?
  10. Wait Till You Hear See Her [Rodgers & Hart]

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 10 are Gil Evans' original arrangements adapted by Mike Gibbs for the 12-piece ensemble. Tracks 3, 4, 7 and 9 arranged by Mike Gibbs.

October 26, 2013
Überjazz Festival, Hamburg, Germany

Play A Bill Frisell Set List
Michael Gibbs & The NDR Bigband
Play A Bill Frisell Set List
(P) 2015 Cuneiform Records RUNE 400
Bill Frisell (g, electronics); Jeff Ballard (d); Michael Gibbs (cond, arr); NDR Bigband
  1. Throughout [Bill Frisell]
  2. Las Vegas Tango [Gil Evans]
  3. Subconscious Lee [Lee Konitz]
  4. On The Lookout/Far Away [Bill Frisell]
  5. Misterioso [Thelonious Monk]
  6. Monica Jane [Bill Frisell]
  7. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away [John Lennon/Paul McCartney]
  8. Benny's Bugle [Benny Goodman/William Basie]
  9. Freddy's Step [Bill Frisell]

December 2-6, 2013
NDR Bigband Studio, Hamburg, Germany

Nguyên Lê with Michael Gibbs & NDR Bigband
Celebrating The Dark Side Of The Moon
(P) 2014 ACT Music 9574-2
Nguyên Lê (g, electronics); Youn Sun Nah (voc); Gary Husband (d); Jürgen Attig (el b); Michael Gibbs (orch; arr on 4, 14 & 15); NDR Bigband conducted by Jörg Achim Keller
  1. Speak To Me
  2. Inspire
  3. Breathe
  4. On The Run
  5. Time
  6. Magic Spells
  7. Hear This Whispering
  8. The Great Gig In The Sky
  9. Gotta Go Sometime
  10. Money
  11. Us And Them
  12. Purple Or Blue
  13. Any Colour You Like
  14. Brain Damage
  15. Eclipse

All arrangements by Nguyên Lê, except 04, 14 & 15 by Michael Gibbs. Orchestrations by Michael Gibbs.


In My View
Michael Gibbs & The NDR Bigband
In My View
(P) 2015 Cuneiform Records RUNE 401
Michael Gibbs (cond, arr); NDR Bigband
  1. 'Tis As It Should Be
  2. As A Matter Of Fact [for my dear Louise (1970-2007)]
  3. Ida Lupino [Carla Bley]
  4. Spanish Sketch
  5. Mood [Ron Carter]
  6. Misterioso [Thelonious Monk]
  7. Ramblin' [Ornette Coleman]
  8. So That's That
  9. Goodbye [Gordon Jenkins]


  • All Men Are Mortal (1995), Ate de Jong
  • American Roulette (1988), Maurice Hatton
  • Being Human (1993), Bill Forsyth
  • Breaking In (1989), Bill Forsyth
  • Century (1993), Stephen Poliakoff
  • Close My Eyes (1991), Stephen Poliakoff
  • Gregory's Two Girls (1999), Bill Forsyth
  • Hard Boiled (1992), John Woo
  • Heat (1987), R.M. Richards
  • Housekeeping (1987), Bill Forsyth
  • Intimate Reflections (1974), Don Boyd
  • Iron & Silk (1990), Shirley Sun
  • Madame Sin (1972), David Greene
  • Riding The Edge (1989), James Fargo
  • Secrets (1971), Phillip Saville
  • Whore (1991), Ken Russell

TV Films and Series

  • 99-1 (1994), various directors
  • Changing Step, Richard Wilson
  • Deja Vu, Richard Spence
  • Down Where The Buffalo Go (1988), Ian Knox
  • First Love, Second Chance, Clive Donner
  • The King Of Jazz, Bill Anderson
  • The Ancient Greeks (TV documentary)
  • Monsters, various directors
  • The Police, Ian Knox
  • Plastic Man
  • Strathblair, various directors
  • Tales From The Darkside, various directors


Thanks to Amit Amely, Neil Ardley, Cesare Carbonini, David Chocron, Michael Fitzgerald, Michael Gibbs, Robert Gottesman, Johann Haidenbauer, Leon Harris, Kevin Julie, Dietrich Heinz Kraner, John McCall, Barry Moody, Steve Voce and everybody else who has helped me to compile this discography.